Brain Tumors

Both benign tumors and aggressive malignant tumors can develop in the brain or threaten the brain and nerves from the outside and lead to severe functional disorders. Although brain tumors are relatively rare compared to other tumor diseases, their treatment is part of the daily routine in specialized university hospitals.

The treatment strategy differs significantly depending on many factors, such as type of tumor, size, extension, and localization, as well as on many clinical-neurological factors.

For the diagnosis and treatment of brain tumors, all modern imaging techniques are available at Magdeburg University Hospital, including all intraoperative technologies necessary for surgery, to ensure the best possible safety for our patients, even during interventions in functionally important regions.

Fluorescence-assisted resection procedures integrating functional MRI information into intraoperative navigation and intraoperative electrophysiological monitoring are just a few methods to achieve a good and safe result. The respective microsurgical approaches are complemented by the minimally invasive procedures of the University Department of Stereotactic Neurosurgery (Director Prof. J. Voges), such as stereotactic brachytherapy or laser therapy (Visualase).

In principle, all brain tumors are presented and discussed together within the framework of our interdisciplinary tumor board in order to determine the best possible individual treatment strategy and follow-up care.


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