NeuroOncology Center

The NeuroOncology Center Magdeburg offers all patients, their relatives and all referring colleagues the opportunity to quickly and easily determine the best possible treatment strategy for a tumor disease.

An interdisciplinary team, consisting of neurosurgery, neurology, stereotactic neurosurgery, radiotherapy, neuroradiology, oncology and neuropathology, determines an individualized treatment concept, taking into account current scientific knowledge and guidelines, with knowledge of all findings.

The possibility of participating in new treatment options and studies is evaluated for each individual patient.

For further information, please feel free to contact us.


Initial Diagnosis

Neurosurgical Polyclinic / Outpatient Clinic

Telefon: 0391 67 15549

Fax: 0391 67-21950


Follow-up Treatment

Neurological Polyclinic / Outpatient Clinic

Telefon: 0391 67 15031

Fax: 0391 67-15032


Second Opinion

Frau M. Lesse
Documentation Assistant

Telefon: 0391 67 25188

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